History of the best free streaming website soap2day

When a person gets bored, some play games, stream series but maximum number of people watches their favorite movie. Although, there are numerous users who don’t want a subscription that is paid. For those users we have your backs.
A lot of websites are available that state that they have the best movies for steaming and downloading. They often phish people through flashy thumbnails and eventually lure the user into watching the advertisement. As you access them they have a chunk of virus and malwares that infects your computer without gaining any content.
However, if there are some genuine streaming sites that offer movies that are legit and do not charge any cost or credit. soap2day alternative one of the popular sites among all these streaming sites. Soap2day is a very simple and user-friendly website which provides a decent service. There are numerous movies and TV series to choose from and this is one of the sites that a person can prefer over some paid subscription services.
It was launched firstly in the year 2015 and garnered a huge popularity and audience from the beginning. When it was soaring high and on its highest-level it had an user base of nearly 100 million. It was so well received because it was one of the first streaming sites that was not paid or was free of cost. It was not contagious and was free from all the virus and malware and was considered as a revolutionary website.
In 2018 in the month of March, an unfortunate incident took place when the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) shut down all the servers and site. Many people and avid users were disappointed learning of this news and had a huge effect on movie streaming world. The authorities linked to this case also shut the domain. But, the developers did not back down and rose from deep down by making and providing mirrors and clones in order to bring back the revolutionary site back from the dead.
Up until this present day the site is still under play via the clone and mirrors created. Several mirrors are working to this day and the linked authorities have not been successful in closing them. Authorities have failed several times as if they close one two other rises in its place.
Another perk about the mirror for soap2day movies is that if one is unable to connect it redirects to another that are online or active. A version that is active and reliable and considered as one of the best that there is and ever will be is soap2day.